So…I spent a pleasant hour yesterday, volunteering and helping out my fiscal sponsor, Fractured Atlas, prepare for their benefit.  I also stuffed about 200 totebags with “minted” (that is, with mints stuck on them) postcards into the gift totebags they were giving out.  The postcards were for the raffle – the prizes, where to buy, etc.  When I got to work, I sent out an e-mail to my screenwriters’ lab, telling them about the raffle and how to buy tickets.

So I check my e-mail today and see that one of my labmates has attempted to buy tickets and ran into problems.  So I try to buy tickets, and lo and behold – paypal is busted.  Again. 

Since this is the second time that it’s happened, and I don’t want to be worrying about it all the time, I’m giving google checkout a whirl – it looks like it might work out better, plus they have a promotion running through the end of this year that waives fees for sellers on credit card transactions.  While I know that paypal seems to be the more popular thing right now, I don’t want to be worrying about how many potential ticket-buyers are giving up ’cause paypal broke down again.  So – the raffle is on hold (hopefully only until the end of the day) until the problem is fixed.

I sent paypal a question sometime last week, asking about the problem, which had occurred before, and they never responded.  If google at least replies to me, forget how many days it takes, they’ll be ahead of paypal, in my book.

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