Score II.V (the Return and Completion)

The score is done!  Woohoo!  Whoppee!

It is now being mixed.

Some of the bigger film festivals have deadlines coming up at the end of July and beginning/middle August, so I’m thrilled, thrilled, I tells ya, to have the film so close to completion.

I’m quite impressed with what my composer’s done.  Even though I’m fairly aware of what scores can do, it was still amazing to view my composer’s work (remotely, of course – that’s how it has to be done these days).  There was this one scene – it wasn’t bad, but it wasn’t one of the stronger scenes, and Sameer recognized it.  He was able to put a little something in it that really supported it and made it great.  I was truly blown away.

At any rate, I’m awaiting the first few responses from at least two festivals in the next couple of weeks – wish me luck!

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