The rough cut arrives

So, I finally got a chance to see the rough cut (that “finally” is not in reference to my editor, but to ME – I’ve been working extra hours and just didn’t have a chance to view anything at home – I finally got one of the IT guys to put Quicktime on my computer at work so I could watch it).  It looks good, but it’s so hard to judge something you’re so close to, isn’t it?  This is one of the reasons why I could never see myself directing something I’ve written – I think it needs a fresh pair of eyes to bring another layer to it – it’s like a painter in front of a canvas – after a while, you just can’t SEE IT any longer.  Anyway, I thought my director had some really good comments (with which I agreed) for the editor, and am looking forward to seeing the next version.

Other than that, I continue to try and evaluate film festivals and update my spreadsheet of where to send – if you’ve had any type of good experience with any type of film festival that includes shorts, please let me know!

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