Cool raffle prizes, coming soon

Greetings, after a long time. I’m pleased to announce that coming soon to this website will be a FANTASTIC RAFFLE. The prizes will include:

A slot in a weekend intensive screenwriting class with a kick-ass screenwriting teacher (value: $385)

A pair of tickets to a taping of The Colbert Report (as I’m sure Stephen Colbert himself would say, value: priceless)

A one-on-one session with an acclaimed Life Coach who specializes in helping artists (value: $125)

A one hour full-body massage, given by a Licensed Massage Therapist (value: $100)

The Laughter and Lies DVD 4-pack (incl. movies Little Miss Sunshine, The Good Shepherd, The Departed, Jerry Seinfeld Comedian (value: $85)).

I’m happy to mail the DVD 4-pack to a winner who is anywhere within the 48 continental United States. All other prizes, as you can see, are New York-centric, but if you know someone in NYC who you were planning on visiting anyway, why not combine a visit with a massage, Life coaching session or screenplay class? Or give it as a gift to your favorite New Yorker!

The raffle will be up and running by November.

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