Massive updating

Yeah, I know – it’s been a while.  And a lot has happened.

The biggest thing is that we FINALLY shot the film!

That’s right – after many, many permutations in people’s lives and schedules, we were able to get people together and shoot the film.  I saw the footage for the first time on Sunday – looks promising, so we’ll hopefully have something ready by the end of March.

Speaking of post-production – if you weren’t able to make a donation before, and you’d like to make one, feel free to make one now:-) Seriously – post-production costs and festival application fees and the like are going to mean more money, and as we all know, the raffle had to die.  Maybe I’ll try and pull together a fundraiser in a couple of months, but for now, I’m just trying to readjust and get the months of intense stress out of my system.

Has anyone seen any of the indie movies that WNET has been screening on Saturday nights?  They have this new program called REEL 13, on Saturday nights, where they screen a feature-length classic movie, follow it with an indie short (which is chosen via internet by viewers) and then follow THAT with a feature-length indie.  I’ve only been able to see them once – a short that looked really good, but I wasn’t very impressed with the story or the acting, and a feature that I would’ve loved to watch all of but couldn’t ’cause I had the second day of my shoot and had to get some sleep.  It’s a cool program, and if it didn’t almost automatically disqualify me from applying to most film festivals, I’d try to submit mine.  Has anyone else submitted a film to the program (successfully or unsuccessfully)?

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2 Responses to “Massive updating”

  1. JJG Says:

    Hey, yeah, I’ve seen Reel 13. I have a blog about it: I’m curious which night you watched. I’d love to hear your thoughts. Which short was it? Which indie?


  2. mk_writer Says:

    Hi, JJG – I can’t remember what the short I saw was called, but I think it ran the very first night of Reel 13 (it came after “A Shot in the Dark,” I remember). It was about a guy pushing his way through a crowded Manhattan street, who ends up pushing a lady and knocking her down, then chasing after her to apologize. I remember liking the look of the film, but finding the plot, in particular, lacking. This could be because I’m coming from a theatre background, where short plays, even the 10-minute play, is supposed to have all the elements of a full-length play but on a smaller scale. I’ve found this to not necessarily be the case with film – short films do not always appear to have all the structural elements of feature films, and this was the case, I felt, with the short film I saw on Reel 13 that night.
    I started to watch the the feature film that night (again, I’m sorry, but I can’t remember the title). It was an Australian film with the singer Ben Lee, in it, and it was starting out good – would’ve loved to have stayed up and watched it, but I had my shoot the next day.
    I took a quick look at your blog – it seems that you’re finding the quality of the shorts lacking?

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