A Capital Time

So…I just got back from the DCAPA Film Festival – my first! 

We screened yesterday at 4 p.m. to a pretty decent-sized audience who reacted the right way.  They laughed, made noises of horror and even gasped a little in surprise. 

And the festival coordinators and volunteers couldn’t have been nicer – they really made the whole thing a pleasant experience – I just wish I could’ve stayed longer and seen more films.  I did get to some other than the other shorts – a great documentary called “Long Story Short,” and a narrative called “Santa Mesa.”  I was sorry to have come too late to miss my friend J.P. Chan ’s film “Beijing Haze,” but I’ll hopefully get to see it sometime soon. 

My director was able to come to our screening, which was cool (there was a chance that he would have to miss it), though the stage director in him winced a bit at things that he wished he could change (ah, once again, the biggest difference between film and theatre – you can always rewrite for the theatre).  At any rate, overall, it went quite well.  I wish I could say “On to San Diego!”  but it’s just not within the budget.  Ah well – here’s hoping it goes well.

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