Rough Cut is on its way

Or so my editor tells me, which is very cool.  I would love to have everything wrapped up by the end of March. 

I’m attempting to research film festivals and make a spreadsheet of the various places I’m interested in applying to.  As a couple of people have pointed out to me, with a cast that’s two-thirds Indo-American, an Indo-American Writer/Producer,  an Indo-American Director and an Indo-American Composer, I should be applying to all the Indian/Asian film festivals.  Anyone had any experience with the Asian/Indian film festival circuit?  There seem to be new festivals all the time, and it’s hard to figure out which ones are the best to apply to.

I’m also going to attempt to apply to the bigger ones, though most of their deadlines aren’t until late summer/early fall, which means I’ll be sitting on the film for a while *sigh*.  That’s the other thing I have to do – go through the all the requirements and see who says they need to be first, in terms of premiere screenings.

Ah well – at least a few people warned me that this whole thing would be at least a two-year process.

I just wish I had more patience:-)

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