Are you a Shooting Person? If so, please watch and vote!

So – WHOTFD is in competition for Film of the Month on Shooting.  If you’re unfamiliar with Shooting People, it’s an organization that is a great resource for filmmakers.  Through its daily bulletins, I found at least 1/3 of my crew, I discovered at least two of the festivals where my film has screened and just generally enjoy the discussions that go on about screenwriting and filmmaking.  One of the greatest features is that filmmakers can upload their films, and every month, there is a competition with a different theme, judged by a “patron” for that month.  In the past, patrons have included Morgan Spurlock, Martha Fiennes, Michael Nyman and many more.  This month, the theme is comedy, and the patron is Larry Charles.  The top three films on the leaderboard get reviewed by him, so please help my film be in the top three (since I’ve uploaded it, it’s moved all over the place – from 3 to 13 to 6 and at the moment, to #7).

The contest is finished, so I took the link down – alas, WHOTFD took a real tumble down the leaderboard…ah well – such is life.
Thanks if you watched and voted!

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