First donation received!

Well – I sent out about 30 fundraising letter last weekend, and I got my first response yesterday – a check for $100! Woohoo! Now if everyone else follows suit – I’ll be golden.

Feel like helping me make some entertaining art? Make a donation at

In other news, I’m almost done looking at Director of Photography reels, and I’m meeting with my director on Saturday to evaluate them. I’m also in the process of setting up a fundraiser party for next month – will post all the deets as soon as it’s set up – come one, come all!

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So…what’s it about?

The problem with producing a short comic film with a twist is that you want to entice people without giving the whole thing away (actually, this is the problem with synopsizing – is that a word? – in general: enthrall without spoiling).

Here’s what I’m currently saying about “What Happened on the Fourth Date”:

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And…we have fiscal sponsorship!

Well, just got the news from Fractured Atlas today – my short film-to-be, “What Happened on the Fourth Date,” is being fiscally sponsored by Fractured Atlas. That means that anyone who wishes to contribute much needed funds to my project can do so, and receive a full tax write-off! I wasn’t supposed to hear about this until September 15th, but they let me know a week early.

So…if you’re looking to lower this year’s tax bill and want to help make entertaining art, please make a donation.

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Welcome to the website

Greetings! This is the blog for my soon-to-be-shot short film, “What Happened on the Fourth Date,” a comedy based on my short play The Some of All Parts. In addition to writing the script, I’m producing, and Vijay Mathew (who recently directed the feature-length “Off Duty”) will be directing.

Stay tuned for updates – mk_writer


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