Film Editors Are Magicians

Really.  I went to my first editing session on Monday (previously, my director and I had been e-mailing our editor our comments, then she would put them into effect and upload the most recent version to a website) and watched while the manipulations occurred.  I am convinced it is MAGIC.  I mean, I saw it happening, and I still think it is MAGIC, and if you are a film editor, you are a MAGICIAN and should be treated accordingly. 

I also finally met with my composer on Tuesday, who watched the latest cut and really liked it (which will always score points with me:-).  It looks like the film is going to be finished a bit later than I would’ve liked, but I’d rather give people the time they need to do things to their (and my) satisfaction than rush them.  My director is ready to sign off on the cut, which is cool – I’m just waiting for a bit of feedback from a couple of others.  We’re also figuring out typefaces for title sequences.  And I need to find a colorist.

Who would’ve thunk a 12-minute film would take so much work…;-)

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