So…what’s it about?

The problem with producing a short comic film with a twist is that you want to entice people without giving the whole thing away (actually, this is the problem with synopsizing – is that a word? – in general: enthrall without spoiling).

Here’s what I’m currently saying about “What Happened on the Fourth Date”:

Margaret, who has been on three previous dates with Jonathan, decides to invite him back to her place after their fourth date. But when Jonathan seems less than eager to consummate their relationship, Margaret starts to wonder what’s going on. All is explained by the arrival of a third person. A whirlwind comedy based on the short play The Some of All Parts (incl. in the Smith and Kraus anthology The Best Ten Minute Plays for Three or More Actors, 2004).

Tag line:

“If he seems too good to be true…he probably is. Dating in this city just got a whole lot weirder.” A 13 – 15 minute farce about dating the whole package.

What do you think? Are you intrigued, curious? Is this a film you’d want to see?

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