WHOTFD goes to Atlanta

It looks like the film will be screening as part of the Atlanta Indo-American Film Festival. The title has to be corrected (right now it’s reading as “What Happened on the Fourth Day.”) I wasn’t sure that this film was going to get in, since previously, it was touted as a “family festival,” (stating that explicit sexuality or language was taboo) but I see that there is, among other films, one about a lesbian couple in 1950’s South Africa, so it looks like there’s a more open feel to the festival this year – hurray!

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A Capital Time

So…I just got back from the DCAPA Film Festival – my first! 

We screened yesterday at 4 p.m. to a pretty decent-sized audience who reacted the right way.  They laughed, made noises of horror and even gasped a little in surprise. 

And the festival coordinators and volunteers couldn’t have been nicer – they really made the whole thing a pleasant experience – I just wish I could’ve stayed longer and seen more films.  I did get to some other than the other shorts – a great documentary called “Long Story Short,” and a narrative called “Santa Mesa.”  I was sorry to have come too late to miss my friend J.P. Chan ’s film “Beijing Haze,” but I’ll hopefully get to see it sometime soon. 

My director was able to come to our screening, which was cool (there was a chance that he would have to miss it), though the stage director in him winced a bit at things that he wished he could change (ah, once again, the biggest difference between film and theatre – you can always rewrite for the theatre).  At any rate, overall, it went quite well.  I wish I could say “On to San Diego!”  but it’s just not within the budget.  Ah well – here’s hoping it goes well.

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Best of the Fest!

Wow – the DC Asian Pacific American Film Festival hasn’t even begun, but we’ve already gotten some notice – the festival organizers have ranked “What Happened on the Fourth Date,” as one of the favorites in the Best of the Fest short film category:


It’s so exciting to be singled out, and makes me even more thrilled to be able to attend the screening in DC!  Hurray for Megabus! 

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Yep – the movie is done!

My mixer mixed, the composer and I listened and Declared It Good, and I passed the good word on to my hard-working, poorly-paid editor, who finished putting everything together and burned some DVD’s for me last night.  I picked up the DVD’s and my firewire drive from her today, and sent out the finished product to three more festivals/competitions.  I kept one to give to a friend to burn more copies on Sunday.

Now I just have to book time to have a digi-beta version for screening at festivals – but I think I can wait on that for a little bit for now.

The score makes such a difference – hurray for being done!

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DC Likes Us Too!

Just got another acceptance today – for the DC Asian Pacific American Film Festival!

They even gave us a tentative screening date – will update that as the information is firmed up.


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And “What Happened on the Fourth Date” will be showing at…

*cue drum roll*

9th Annual San Diego Asian Film Festival

Yay – it’s nice to know that somebody likes you!

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Score II.V (the Return and Completion)

The score is done!  Woohoo!  Whoppee!

It is now being mixed.

Some of the bigger film festivals have deadlines coming up at the end of July and beginning/middle August, so I’m thrilled, thrilled, I tells ya, to have the film so close to completion.

I’m quite impressed with what my composer’s done.  Even though I’m fairly aware of what scores can do, it was still amazing to view my composer’s work (remotely, of course – that’s how it has to be done these days).  There was this one scene – it wasn’t bad, but it wasn’t one of the stronger scenes, and Sameer recognized it.  He was able to put a little something in it that really supported it and made it great.  I was truly blown away.

At any rate, I’m awaiting the first few responses from at least two festivals in the next couple of weeks – wish me luck!

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Bring on the score

So my composer is now able to compose, since my editor put together the title animation sequence and end credits and sent it all to him on a DVD.  Within a few days, he got me the clip for the title animation, which was impressive.  In the meantime, I’m sending out what I call the “rough-ish” cut:  It’s got everything except the title animation sequence and the score (though there is a bit of placeholder music).  It’s been sound mixed and edited and color corrected.   So I’ve sent off the first one to a festival (using withoutabox.com, for the first time) and will be sending off another 5 or so in the next couple of days.  So I’m keeping my fingers crossed (feel free to keep yours crossed for me as well:-)

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Slouching towards the finish line, part deux…

So – where are we now?

Color correction is finished – remind me NEVER EVER again to use red light in a room.

The hardest aspect was trying to make sure that my Indian-American actors (one in particular) were taken care of – my main actress, who is Caucasian, was, in the words of my colorist, “like a flower,” and didn’t need too much done.

The title animation is almost completed, and then the composer can begin.

I have a mixer/editor working on sound so that I can get rough cuts out to festivals with deadlines approaching quickly.

So…I guess things are humming along.  Not as fast as I’d like them, but like a local train at rush hour, at least we’re moving. 

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Slouching towards the finish line

Not exactly, I suppose, but that’s what it feels like.

We’re almost there.

I have a colorist and a title/graphics designer.

I have a composer.

And…I almost have a final cut.

Just a few more small kinks to work out…

a few more people to have watch it and give me feedback…

then it can be set, timecoded, and passed off to the composer.

Who will then compose, and we’ll go back and forth on that.

Before going to the sound mixer/editor, who will mix and edit. 

There’s just something about the whole process that feels so slow.

Of course, when I compare it to sending a play to a theatre company, waiting to get feedback, working on “developing it,” and seeing it up on its feet, this is going so fast it’s a positive blur, so I shouldn’t really complain.

Patience…is a virtue.  That I have to acquire, somehow. 

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