Yay for LA!

Just got word this morning that the Los Angeles Asian Pacific Film Festival accepted WHOTFD.  And such a lovely, professional letter, just packed with information.  If it’s any indication of how the festival will go, I may actually try and be there (though the thought of driving in LA gives me the heebie-jeebies).  And they told me almost TWO weeks ahead of their official notification date.  This puts them head and shoulders above a certain other Asian film festival that notified folks two months after the official notification deadline, ignored all e-mails, took the website down after sending out an official notification which didn’t even definitively tell you whether or not you got in, but that they would tell you if they screened your film later. That’s a festival that’s not getting $40 from me again EVER.
But this is not the lovely LAAPFF, which I’m really looking forward to. April is shaping up to be a pretty busy month – April 4, Garden State Film Festival, somewhere in April 17 – 19, DisOrient in Eugene, OR and somewhere in April 30 – May 7, LAAPFF. Yay, April!

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