Yay for LA (part deux)!

I’m sitting in my friend Ari’s apartment in Los Angeles writing this post the day after having a lovely screening as part of the Los Angeles Asian Pacific Film Festival.  This time, instead of featuring WHOTFD in a program of shorts, the programmers paired it with a feature comedy called “Karma Calling.”  As a result, we were screened in the largest theatre in the Director’s Guild of America to a pretty full house, and it was fantastic.  Good audience reaction all around, lots of folks telling me how much they enjoyed the film.  Met some of the actors from the feature (all the actors were great in “Karma Calling”) who also said some nice things.  I’m hoping that some Good Things will come of all this.  Overall, I’m really glad that I came, finances and logistics aside (and, of course, it’s always nice to catch up with friends from college:)

If you happen to have attended my L.A. screening and enjoyed it, please feel free to vote for the film on IMDB:  http://www.imdb.com/title/tt1291585/

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