Slouching towards the finish line, part deux…

So – where are we now?

Color correction is finished – remind me NEVER EVER again to use red light in a room.

The hardest aspect was trying to make sure that my Indian-American actors (one in particular) were taken care of – my main actress, who is Caucasian, was, in the words of my colorist, “like a flower,” and didn’t need too much done.

The title animation is almost completed, and then the composer can begin.

I have a mixer/editor working on sound so that I can get rough cuts out to festivals with deadlines approaching quickly.

So…I guess things are humming along.  Not as fast as I’d like them, but like a local train at rush hour, at least we’re moving. 

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Slouching towards the finish line

Not exactly, I suppose, but that’s what it feels like.

We’re almost there.

I have a colorist and a title/graphics designer.

I have a composer.

And…I almost have a final cut.

Just a few more small kinks to work out…

a few more people to have watch it and give me feedback…

then it can be set, timecoded, and passed off to the composer.

Who will then compose, and we’ll go back and forth on that.

Before going to the sound mixer/editor, who will mix and edit. 

There’s just something about the whole process that feels so slow.

Of course, when I compare it to sending a play to a theatre company, waiting to get feedback, working on “developing it,” and seeing it up on its feet, this is going so fast it’s a positive blur, so I shouldn’t really complain.

Patience…is a virtue.  That I have to acquire, somehow. 

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