A new shooting space!

Well – after having a mini-production meeting last night (me, the director, the DP and the production designer), it looks like we’ll be shooting in a new space – Dara the DP offered to let us use her apartment for the shoot – a spacious, one-bedroom apartment.  It will be much more accomodating of the cast and crew members (amazing how, even for a short film, the cast and crew members seem to pile up).  It also has an elevator, which will be a bit easier on folks than the fifth floor walk up, though the guys who were going to let us use the fifth floor walk up were awfully nice…maybe I can talk them into being PA’s:-)

It also looks like we may actually be shooting on FILM rather than DV…more to come on that development.  If anyone who’s done both is reading this, feel free to comment.

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