Let the raffle begin!

Thanks to my webmaster (excuse me, webmistress, though that sounds just a bit odd – like the stuff that seems to pop up more and more in the divorce courts of the 21st Century) the brilliant Tricia Gilbert, my raffle is now up and running!  Please visit the raffle page to see the seven fabulous prizes that were generously donated.  Tickets are one for $5 or three for $10. 

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Cool raffle prizes, coming soon

Greetings, after a long time. I’m pleased to announce that coming soon to this website will be a FANTASTIC RAFFLE. The prizes will include:

A slot in a weekend intensive screenwriting class with a kick-ass screenwriting teacher (value: $385)

A pair of tickets to a taping of The Colbert Report (as I’m sure Stephen Colbert himself would say, value: priceless)

A one-on-one session with an acclaimed Life Coach who specializes in helping artists (value: $125)

A one hour full-body massage, given by a Licensed Massage Therapist (value: $100)

The Laughter and Lies DVD 4-pack (incl. movies Little Miss Sunshine, The Good Shepherd, The Departed, Jerry Seinfeld Comedian (value: $85)).

I’m happy to mail the DVD 4-pack to a winner who is anywhere within the 48 continental United States. All other prizes, as you can see, are New York-centric, but if you know someone in NYC who you were planning on visiting anyway, why not combine a visit with a massage, Life coaching session or screenplay class? Or give it as a gift to your favorite New Yorker!

The raffle will be up and running by November.

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