Are you a Shooting Person? If so, please watch and vote!

So – WHOTFD is in competition for Film of the Month on Shooting.  If you’re unfamiliar with Shooting People, it’s an organization that is a great resource for filmmakers.  Through its daily bulletins, I found at least 1/3 of my crew, I discovered at least two of the festivals where my film has screened and just generally enjoy the discussions that go on about screenwriting and filmmaking.  One of the greatest features is that filmmakers can upload their films, and every month, there is a competition with a different theme, judged by a “patron” for that month.  In the past, patrons have included Morgan Spurlock, Martha Fiennes, Michael Nyman and many more.  This month, the theme is comedy, and the patron is Larry Charles.  The top three films on the leaderboard get reviewed by him, so please help my film be in the top three (since I’ve uploaded it, it’s moved all over the place – from 3 to 13 to 6 and at the moment, to #7).

The contest is finished, so I took the link down – alas, WHOTFD took a real tumble down the leaderboard…ah well – such is life.
Thanks if you watched and voted!

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And there’s more in Baltimore!

I’m almost a week late with this news, but WHOTFD was chosen for the Baltimore Women’s Film Festival.  The festival runs from October 23 – 25th (screening dates unknown as yet).

Thanks, city of my alma mater!

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The City of Brotherly Love Shows a Little Love!

Hey!  We’re in the Philadelphia (crap, I’m so psyched I almost misspelled it) Independent Film Festival – hurrah!

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Yes We Cannes (in a Van)!

Funny how these things go in cycles.  In February of 2008, I wrote a post about a nifty-looking site for a mobile film festival called Cannes in a Van.  Here’s the description (fr. their site):  “Three blokes, a projector and a van, take on the big guns at Cannes in a new approach to guerrilla cinema. We screen the best selection of short-films from the cream of independent filmmaking to a receptive, captive audience.”

I’m psyched to say that WHOTFD was selected for this year’s fest

As always, I just wish I could be there.

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Yay for LA (part deux)!

I’m sitting in my friend Ari’s apartment in Los Angeles writing this post the day after having a lovely screening as part of the Los Angeles Asian Pacific Film Festival.  This time, instead of featuring WHOTFD in a program of shorts, the programmers paired it with a feature comedy called “Karma Calling.”  As a result, we were screened in the largest theatre in the Director’s Guild of America to a pretty full house, and it was fantastic.  Good audience reaction all around, lots of folks telling me how much they enjoyed the film.  Met some of the actors from the feature (all the actors were great in “Karma Calling”) who also said some nice things.  I’m hoping that some Good Things will come of all this.  Overall, I’m really glad that I came, finances and logistics aside (and, of course, it’s always nice to catch up with friends from college:)

If you happen to have attended my L.A. screening and enjoyed it, please feel free to vote for the film on IMDB:

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A Freudian Lift

I’m thrilled to report that WHOTFD got into the 11/22 – International Comedy Short Film Festival in Vienna, Austria!  I really hoped it was going to get in, especially since the film has to do with Freudian psychology, and it’s a Viennese film festival.  Hurray!  I would love to go to Vienna, but the current economic climate has me on edge.  Oh well, even if I don’t go, the film’s going – yay!

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Yay for LA!

Just got word this morning that the Los Angeles Asian Pacific Film Festival accepted WHOTFD.  And such a lovely, professional letter, just packed with information.  If it’s any indication of how the festival will go, I may actually try and be there (though the thought of driving in LA gives me the heebie-jeebies).  And they told me almost TWO weeks ahead of their official notification date.  This puts them head and shoulders above a certain other Asian film festival that notified folks two months after the official notification deadline, ignored all e-mails, took the website down after sending out an official notification which didn’t even definitively tell you whether or not you got in, but that they would tell you if they screened your film later. That’s a festival that’s not getting $40 from me again EVER.
But this is not the lovely LAAPFF, which I’m really looking forward to. April is shaping up to be a pretty busy month – April 4, Garden State Film Festival, somewhere in April 17 – 19, DisOrient in Eugene, OR and somewhere in April 30 – May 7, LAAPFF. Yay, April!

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Thrilled to be DisOrient-ed!

WHOTFD just got into DisOrient – an Asian film festival in Eugene, OR.  Damn this global (and personal) economic crisis – I’d love to go.  But if you’re in the area, please do check it out – deets will be posted on the main page.

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My home state likes me, it really likes me!

Got my acceptance the other day from the 7th Annual Garden State Film Festival, in Asbury Park (AKA Concertville) NJ.

And in other great/not great news – the Love Actually II event, this Saturday night, is SOLD OUT. That’s right – nary a ticket to be had. I’m a bit bummed, ’cause most of my friends put off buying tickets until a few days before, and now can’t go. But I’m stoked that a bunch of people who’ve never seen this film will be seeing it. And it’s screening again, at a semi-private screening on Sunday, courtesy the Oval Film Center, in Stuyvestant Town. Hurray!

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A Little Love, Actually!

I am thrilled to be included in Love Actually II:  Short films about love, sex and romance, because it feels like this festival was made for my film.  And it’s my first official NYC screening!   The screening details are on the main page, but I’ll repeat them here again, for good measure.

Love Actually II/Saturday, February 14, 2009 @ 7 p.m./Millenium, 66 East 4th Street (btw. 2nd and 3rd Aves).   Tickets are $10.99, and can be purchased online only (no tickets will be sold at the door).  THIS EVENT IS NOW SOLD OUT.

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