Yep – the movie is done!

My mixer mixed, the composer and I listened and Declared It Good, and I passed the good word on to my hard-working, poorly-paid editor, who finished putting everything together and burned some DVD’s for me last night.  I picked up the DVD’s and my firewire drive from her today, and sent out the finished product to three more festivals/competitions.  I kept one to give to a friend to burn more copies on Sunday.

Now I just have to book time to have a digi-beta version for screening at festivals – but I think I can wait on that for a little bit for now.

The score makes such a difference – hurray for being done!

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DC Likes Us Too!

Just got another acceptance today – for the DC Asian Pacific American Film Festival!

They even gave us a tentative screening date – will update that as the information is firmed up.


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